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Cloud9 Technologies’ end-to-end encryption technology secures your files on your device using some of the highest grade encryption methods available. Your files can’t be decrypted in the cloud. This makes them safer than “safe”. No one else has the decryption key, not even Cloud9 Technologies administrators. Only you and those who you share with have access.

Working with Cloud9

Cloud9 protects the files you never want leaked or lost. Work with your most sensitive documents without second thoughts. Use Cloud9 to keep control – even when you share with coworkers, clients or vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud9?

Cloud9 is the most secure way to store and share files in the cloud. No Cloud9 admin, hacker or government can access the data you store. Hacking just one file would take a lifetime.

Cloud9 uses “end-to-end encryption” to guarantee the security of the uploaded file. Your files are encrypted before they leave your device and remain fully encrypted until they reach the recipient. Only you have the keys to open or share them.

Secure services are usually a pain to use, but Cloud9’s ease of use has been praised by Forbes, PCWorld and thousands of users.

Where does Cloud9 store data?

Cloud9 Technologies servers are in highly secure, Microsoft Azure data centers in multiple countries in the EU, in Hong Kong and USA.

What’s the benefit of getting my entire team on a Business plan?

If everyone on your team has a Business account, you can decide where Cloud9 can be accessed from, control what your users store and limit sharing. You can suspend a coworker’s account at any time and see activity for your whole team.

Is there a personal plan for individuals?

Yes! Cloud9 Solo is designed for individual users with best-in-class encryption & Swiss privacy. Store all your files securely, access them anywhere, and share with control. You can learn more and get started with Cloud9 Solo here.

What is end-to-end encryption?

Cloud9 encrypts every file and relevant metadata on your devices with unique, randomly generated encryption keys. These keys are never stored in unencrypted form on the cloud. Accessing files is only possible with a user’s unique private decryption key.

Does Cloud9 store my password?

Cloud9 does not store your password, only a salted hash format, which we can authenticate you with. As Cloud9 never has access to your password in unencrypted form, even if our servers were hacked, your account would be safe from harm.

Is Cloud9 HIPAA compliant?

Cloud9 Technologies is HIPAA compliant and offers HIPAA BAA (Business Associate Agreements) addendums to Business and Enterprise customers.

Disaster proof and protected by 24/7 physical security, our datacenters are also compliant with HIPAA, ISO27001:2013 and a host of other certifications.

Can my system administrator access files in my Cloud9?

No, unless you explicitly choose to share the files with them.

Cloud9 encrypts data before it leaves your device, so it’s not accessible even if someone has access to the corporate network. This ensures security even if the internal system is compromised.

How can I store files in Cloud9?

Cloud9 Technologies allows you to turn your local folders, and the files in them, into Cloud9 – encrypted folders in the cloud. Changes to files are automatically synced between your local folder, and any devices on which you have installed Cloud9 or where folder are being shared. If you don’t want to synchronize a folder to your device, you can also create ‘cloud-only’ within the Cloud9 Technologies applications, and upload folders or files into it.

How do I know if someone changed a file or added something?

You will receive notification of any changes on desktop devices You can also open the Activity Wall of a Cloud9 to see changes and, for a detailed audit trail export the Activity Wall history to a .csv file.

What if I saved changes but want to revert to a previous version?

To access older versions of files, right click on the file in the Cloud9 Technologies cloud browser and select See Versions. With Cloud9 for Business an unlimited number of versions are stored and without impacting user storage limits.

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