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We encrypt everything to know nothing.

About company

Cloud9 Tech

Cloud9 Technologies is an end-to-end encrypted, zero-knowledge content collaboration platform designed to safeguard the digital valuables of individuals and organizations with the highest classification in the cloud.

We help teams collaborate securely and easily by protecting their data with end-to-end encryption.


Cloud9 Enterprise

A solution tailored for enterprises of 50+ users

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Cloud9 Business

Safe collaboration with enhanced control and security

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Cloud9 Personal

Secure storage & sync for personal & work files

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Cloud9 Basic

Secure file sync & sharing for up to 3GB storage FREE

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Share files securely with anyone, inside and outside your organization

Replace risky email attachments with encrypted links. Cloud9 Tech empowers you to send and receive files safely from anyone – even non Cloud9 Tech users.


Access your work documents from anywhere, at any time, on any device

Stay productive on the go and enjoy enterprise-level data security wherever you are. Cloud9 Tech is available across all devices and on all browsers.

Keep your stored files safe from unauthorized access and data breaches

Get the highest standard of data security in the cloud. Cloud9Ttech’s patented zero-knowledge encryption safeguards your confidential documents.


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Protect your personal and work files with end-to-end encryption and with the full privacy protection.


Empower your organization’s teamwork and productivity with the highest level of security in the cloud.


Meet global data protection regulations and mitigate risk with comprehensive user governance.

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