GDPR compliant file management & collaboration

Cloud9 Technologies is an end-to-end encrypted content collaboration platform which provides the strongest data protection measures in the cloud to ensure easy compliance.

Use encryption to protect personal data in the cloud against exposure and unauthorized risks

Unlike other cloud providers, Cloud9 Technologies doesn’t have access to your encryption keys or to the personal data you manage in your files. Even if our servers were breached, no one would be able to read the personal data in the files. As a result, the 72-hours data breach notification requirement doesn’t apply. By preventing these types of data breaches, you can also avoid fines up to 4% of your global annual revenue.


Stay in control over what happens to your data

Having technical and organizational measures for data protection within your organization is crucial to complying with the GDPR. Cloud9 Technologies enables you to implement data protection measures while collaborating on files: control who has access to personal data, log file activities, set up internal security policies for data management, and many more.

Take advantage of GDPR-friendly cloud collaboration

Apart from encryption and other security measures, legal guarantees are also essential to ensure the lawful processing of personal data. Keep your data with Cloud9 Technologies in secure, certified data centers. Choose where your data resides to satisfy regional regulations and requirements. Cloud9 Technologies provides a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with legally binding data protection guarantees to help you demonstrate your compliance to clients and data protection authorities.

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